Here is a brief update on the progress of one of the three club trees that were purchased back in April 2011. The Trident Maple has just been repotted successfully but it is currently still struggling with its health and has limited signs of bud swelling although buds are present. The reason for this however was ascertained during the recent club night when Reg brought the tree in for some initial pruning though. During the removal of the dense top of the tree, on closer examination of the cut top, within the branch unions, cavities and cracks, hundreds of red spider mite were visible. They are not easy to see with the naked eye and they were on the underside of the branch unions and not obvious on an initial inspection of the tree. The remainder of the tree was pruned and here is are a series of images charting the progress of the evening. The tree is also now due to be treated for Red Spider Mite which should then allow it to fully flush with leaves and function more normally this year from now on.