This month we had an evening looking back at the Siberian Elms that various club members had been growing over rocks for the past few years since being given them as cuttings. It was also an opportunity to test out your drawing skills and try to come up with styles and future designs for the Siberian Elms and other trees that Terry had brought in to discuss. The Siberian Elms are very fast growing and tend to put on the best growth when grown in air pots (aquatic pond pots) to stop the roots from girdling. They are quick to develop trunk thickness and some of the examples are less than 5 years old and already are showing good root development over the rocks. The evening focused around Elms predominately, as well as reviewing the newly de-leafed Maple that Paul brought in following defoliation after the saturday workshop with John Pitt. It was a good evening with lots of discussion and some good ideas for future development of the root over rock Siberian Elms.