SEPTEMBER Update from the Organisers


Thank you everyone who came to the show.

Thank you everyone who exhibited.

Thank you for the fantastic demos.

Thank you to the traders

Thank you to all the helpers who did such a marvellous job.

And thank you to the staff at Tredegar House who were helpful over a long period of time.

It was amazing, after all the hard work and organizing, to see everyone arriving, and to meet people, and then to see all the trees being placed, and the show just coming together. It gave us great pleasure to see the amazing quality of the trees, and for an opportunity for people in Wales to exhibit alongside some of the best trees in the UK.

Yes we have been quiet since the show, but the days of the show were not the end for us. There is also a lot of work to do afterwards, and I can assure you we have been fully employed.

For example, I have seen comments that people forgot their cameras, or batteries went flat, and that no pictures had been issued from Wales. The reason that no pictures have been issued is that  a lot of pictures were taken,  and it takes time to edit.

Yes, it is more than a rumour that we are producing a book.  –

We are in the process of producing a book with a photograph, sometimes two, of every exhibit, and quite a few of Kevin’s demo.  The book will be A5, full colour, and contains more than 60 colour photographs. The cost will be approx £10 per copy, and we will produce the number that people require.

If you are interested please contact Peter at, or by phone on 02920 707605, and give him your details. When we are going to press you will have to confirm your order and send payment.

We will keep you informed by the website, about the book.

So please continue to   WATCH THIS SPACE …………………………………And regularly check our website on