John Trott - Mendip bonsai

John Trott started bonsai in 1969, lecturing since 1986 and went semi-professional in 1994 when he first started exhibiting at horticultural shows and set up the Mendip Bonsai Studio. He then went full time professional in 1999, and set up the educational side of the business to become one of the leading workshops to learn about bonsai in the country for beginners, and experienced people alike. He now offers over 35 workshops a year and also one to one tuition, as well as club visits and club workshops. The Exhibition side of the business has been an incredible learning  journey, achieving a record breaking 55 RHS Gold medals at the end of 2012 including 5 Chelsea Gold medals, and also 2 RHS best in shows.

He has been growing much of his own stock for over 25 years and has a vast collection of field grown material, turning to this direction of growing from scratch with young plants to achieve material is as good as many of the yamadori collected these days. He sells a vast variety of Japanese Maples and Pines to both bonsai and garden enthusiasts.

Much of the styling carried out is very natural looking and John likes to replicate what he sees in nature around him. He also has a passion for accent plants and was very proud to be part of the team which set up the Magical Bonsai Accent Show in May of 2012 at Failand, Bristol. Also, because of his huge interest in accents accompanying bonsai, especially bronzes – this sowed the seeds to set up production of a unique range of bronze figures to accompany bonsai, especially shohin sized trees. Working with his good friend Dave Meredith who brilliantly sculpts many of John’s ideas into bronze figures, has resulted in a large collection of figures, which can be seen on his web site.

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