Mike Jones

Mike Jones has been interested in Bonsai Trees since the early 1980’s. If not for that small ‘extra’ Christmas present of a ‘grow your own bonsai seed kit,’ he may not have been so passionate about the hobby, as indeed he has – and still is!

From that humble seed kit to today – he has seen many changes within the hobby.

‘Probably the single biggest change within this wonderful hobby, was the internet revolution, way back in the late 1990’s to now! Having so many sites to look at and share what can be done, or how it should be done, helped many people, including me. Long may it continue to be so.’

Sadly due to arthritis Mike has had to substantially reduce the amount of trees he owns.

‘Yes it was a decision I had to take, for with a large collection comes lots of work. Sadly the amount I can use my hands or place strain on other joints has diminished greatly. Oh sure I still have a collection, but these days it is less that ten trees in total.’

Mike started a Bonsai website of his own some years ago called Bonsai-Passion.

‘It has been great fun writing down my thoughts and actually many other related activities turn up when I have the time. What started as a very basic online diary, has gone further than I ever dreamt possible, with many thousands of visitors.’

The Swindon Winter Image show is his absolute favourite Bonsai event he says,

‘I am very proud indeed to be exhibiting one of my trees in 2013!’

If you want to see what Mike is up to go to http://bonsai-passion.co.uk

Mike Jones + Hornbeam