Our Winter Image show is fast approaching on the 24th February and you will be able to see a great collection of deciduous bonsai trees on display to their full advantage without their leaves, so you can admire their tracery and branch formation. However, this is not to say that you not also see some great evergreen examples on display too as they have the added advantage of always being in full foliage. 

Evergreen trees do shed their foliage but tend to do this throughout the year and more heavily at particular times depending on the species. While some coniferous trees though are deciduous like Larix, Pseudolarix, Metasequoia, Taxodium and Ginkgo so don’t worry if they drop their leaves or needles as this is natural. Likewise some conifers turn a fabulous autumnal colour like the Cryptomeria so again no need to worry if they go a great shade of orange or brown for the winter, their green colour will return in the spring.

Here is a selection of evergreen bonsai trees that are available for sale this year from Hoka-en Bonsai Studio on our recent trip to Holland bonsai shopping.