For anybody that wants to visit Lodder BV this is a very good opportunity for a great show and lots of bargains. This year the ‘Lodder’s open days’ will be the weekend of 8th and 9th of March. There will be many stands of Japanese arts and crafts, Sushi lovers will get their money’s worth. On Saturday there will also be performances from the Kung Fu Academy, traditionally they bring a spectacular dragon dance.

The following traders will attend:

  1. William Vlaanderen (NL) Pots and Samurai products
  2. Rene Lecocq (B) Pots
  3. Milan Klika (Cz) Pots
  4. Elsebeth Ludvigsen (DK) Pots
  5. Walsall studios (GB) Pots
  6. Bonsai Centrum Libcany (Cz) Pots and various products
  7. Henk Fresen (NL) Bronzes, Scrolls
  8. Filip Haasen (B) Netsuke, Wood
  9. Omiya Bonsai (NL) Various products
  10. Hr. Meinhardt (D) Tables and Pots
  11. Caspar den Ouden (NL) Bonsai tables
  12. Bonsai plaza (NL) Pots
  13. Bonsai focus Magazine
  14. Huys de Esch (NL) Japanese prints
  15. Irene Chang Watercolours
  16. Ikebana vereniging Japanese flower arranging
  17. Fresh tea company Japanese Tea
  18. Marulin tea Chinese Tea
  19. Mr. Kakizoe (J) Japanese ceramics
  20. Emiko Kannan (J) Calligraphy
  21. Noriko Aoki (J) Manga
  22. Bureau van Eijnsbergen Travel
  23. Dhr. Matsumoto (J) Workshops
  24. Michael Hach (D) Suiseki
  25. Leonie Oorschot (NL) Facepainting all Sunday

On Saturday the demo, 12.00 will be by Salvatore Liporace.
Hotsumi Terakawa will do the Sunday demo, starting 12.00

Admittance is FREE

Lodder / HOKA-EN Bonsai studio
Hugo de Vriesweg 1
3481 JA Harmelen
Tel: +31(0)348 – 446 046

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