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At this years Bonsai Clubs International Convention (BCI) in Guangzhou in China there were a good range of demonstrators and speakers from around the world. They were demonstrating styling, bending branches, wiring, jin and shari creation and pot making.

The speakers and demonstrators included the following:

Mr Wong Chau Shing, the current president of Hong Kong Lingnan Penjing Art Society. Mr Wong founded Hong Kong Lingnan Penjing Art Socierty in 2007, and has been its president since then.

Chenfa Wu, Chairman for the China Region of Bonsai Clubs International (BCI), Executive Vice President of Chinese Penjing Artists Association, Vice President of Guangdong Penjing Association and Executive Vice President of Guangzhou Bonsai Association

Zhao Qing Quan who is a Bonsai Art Master in China and International Bonsai Instructor at Bonsai Clubs International.

Chen Jian Liang who is a Technical Consultant and Member and Judge of China Bonsai Art Association. He is also Secretary General, Standing Member and Judge of Regional Bonsai Academy.

John Wang who is a leading Southern California bonsai artist who studied in Saitama, Japan at Sakura Sansei-En.

Mitsuo Matsuda who is a Nippon Bonsai Association Official Teacher and a Japan Bonsai Growers Corporation Official Bonsai Master.

Francois Jeker, from France who has won many awards for his bonsai styling and is the author of several books on the aesthetics of bonsai and deadwood techniques. He has also opened several schools of bonsai in Europe.

Thomas S. Elias who is the Chairman of the Viewing Stone Association of North America, Honorary Vice Chairman of the viewing Stone Association of China and the President of Bonsai Clubs International and he gave a lecture on viewing stones of North America later in the Convention too.

Gong Lin Min_1

Mr Gong Lin Min, Chinese Zisha pot making master and is a senior artist and craftsman in China and has been devoted to researching and producing Zisha arts for more than 20 years. He did a demonstration of making a Zisha pot on stage within the Science Hall Amphitheater.

Zhou Go Xin, Deputy director of Guangdong Geological Bureau, Chairman of the Guangdong Viewing Stone Association and Vice Chairman of China Ornamental Stone Association. In addition to China Ornamental Stone Appraiser (Level1) and Senior Price Evaluator of China Ornamental stone. He spoke on Chinese Guangdong Ying Stone.

Dr Qui Zhili who is Professor of School of Earth Science and Geological Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University Director plus Gemstones Testing and Research (Assessment) Centre; FGA (Gen-A). He spoke on Chinese Lingnan Wax Stone and has published over 100 academic papers and 8 books.

Dr Michael Sebo who is President of the Slovak Association of Suiseki in Bratislava and he spoke on European viewing stones and Suiseki.

Kunio Kobaysahi who is the Chairman of the Nippon Suiseki Association and he gave a talk on Japanese Suiseki.

Outside in the Memorial park in addition to the main bonsai exhibition was a series of displays put on by various groups including a teaching session for school children in bonsai plus various music and martial arts.

There were also demonstrations of Penjing, bonsai shaping and styling and building group displays by various talented bonsai students and trainees to the art of bonsai and the gallery shows a range of the trees they were working on and this allowed for on site interaction at the same time while they worked.