Buxus sinica

Buxus sinica (Chinese Box) makes an impressive bonsai especially on the size and scale of the examples on display at the recent Bonsai Clubs International (BCI) Convention in Guangzhou, China. There were some stunning mature exhibits of the Chinese box and the trunk fluting and ridges presented a very dominant trunk image as well as the dense evergreen canopy.

This is an evergreen shrub or small tree from the Buxaceae family with ribbed branches and trunk. It has varied leaf shapes but for the majority they are broadly obovate and thick and leathery. They have very small flowers and yellow- green both male and female flowers are present on the plant. The trees are found in forests in mountain valleys in China and can be found round Guangdong. For more details visit Flora of China.

The Buxus sinica bonsai on display where in a range of styles, many with a windswept element and some more sparse in the canopy than others. It was possible to see the small yellow-green flowers on some of the exhibits.

Three very different styles, with a rounded canopy style, a windswept and a very flat topped series of pads but a high level of branch work.