Warminster Bonsai Club

Warminster Bonsai is a small friendly club. We are enthusiastic and try to improve all the time. We meet at 7.30 in the evening, on the third Thursday of each month at Christ Church Hall BA12 9NS. This is located, first left as you go into Upper Marsh Road from Weymouth Street and opposite the Church.

Warminster Bonsai Society

We started showing at Swindon some years ago and each year we have hoped to have improved our displays over this time and tried to ensure a harmonious balance in the various displays. This is thanks to the hard work of Clive Harber our Show Manager who not only supplies trees, makes all the display stands and hold a few practice runs prior to the show to encourage all members to bring their trees along for discussion and possible inclusion in to the show displays.

Warminster bonsai society

We also display at other bonsai shows each year including the Frome show, Roots Bonsai, Wessex Show and Heathrow.

We have monthly meetings with talks, speakers, workshops, discussions and critiques plus a fun decorated tree competition for Christmas and for more information about Warminster Bonsai and what they get up to visit their website for more details.

There is also the monthly ‘Tree of the month’ competition which any member can enter their trees into. This is in order to try to encourage new and existing members to take part and learn more techniques in the art of bonsai presentation as well as bonsai styling as you can see month on month and year on year steady improvement on those trees who are regularly worked on.


There have been at least two practice sessions already looking at a range of trees for the Swindon Winter Image Bonsai Show display and currently a design has been agreed and looking forward to setting it up at the show in February.