Der baum

It was nice to see many Swindon club members this month, and even some visitors from both Newbury and Warminster bonsai clubs. Great to see Bonsai clubs pulling together.

Geoff gave a very interesting and technically based talk which I will try to summarise concisely. There was a wealth of detail included and we couldn’t possibly try to explain it here in one hit. Some key points:

How and why bonsai techniques work: Geoff explained the physiology of trees in detail to give us an understanding as to why some of the bonsai techniques that enthusiasts use, work. Lots of things that we do automatically when looking after our trees became clear and should help us to improve our techniques and give us more understanding of what our trees need in order to thrive.

Macronutrients: If plants are lacking in the following nutrients

  • Stunted growth, choloris in mature leaves, turn yellow – Nitrogen NO3, NH2
  • Stunted roots – Phosphorus PO4
  • Brown yellow margins to leaves – Potassium K+
  • Chlorosis – Sulphur S04
  • Chlorosis in very young leaves – Magnesium Mg
  • Stunted growth – Calcium CA

Yamadori: In collected trees the water chain is interrupted, in order to keep the tree hydrated they should be immersed in water or put in a black sack tied at the top to prevent moisture escaping, as this will increase the chance of survival.

To help pines. Add needles to top dressing, can be any sort.

Air layering: Meristematic cells will reproduce roots to make air layering happen. Check if too deep or not deep enough.