Here is the second post from a well know exhibitor of bonsai who will be displaying his shohin at the Swindon Winter Image Show on February 26th 2017 and who needs little introduction, John Armitage and this post is in his own words.

John Armitage workshop

I have been less than prominent in the Bonsai scene for the last 8 or so months. For those that didn’t know, I lost my partner, Emma in June very suddenly although she was battling Multiple sclerosis (MS).

At many times all I could think about was being with Emma and at one point had contacted Peter Warren to collect my trees so they did not come to harm.

Instead of doing as I had requested he encouraged me to put a display forward, this display, to the exhibition in Saulieu. This gave me something positive to aim for. He even transported it and set it up for me as I would not be able to attend the show myself. I am truly grateful to Peter and to the wonderful person who supported me.

I was overwhelmed to pick up an award for my display in an exhibition full of world class bonsai. The fact that all the trees came from relatively low budget material that I had developed myself, gave me the pick me up I needed to continue in bonsai.

I hope this and my second display will be enjoyed at Swindon and I am looking forward to meeting up with you all soon.

Thank you for your support.