“The quiet pot is the enduring pot”

If you are looking for the right pot for your tree then you may need to look no further than at the pots made by Andy Pearson of Stone Monkey Ceramics who will be one of the bonsai traders at our forth coming Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 26th February 2017. The show is open to the public too so if you are just starting out in the hobby it is a great place to meet other bonsai enthusiasts and purchase a few items to add to your collection or enhance your trees.

Japanese award winning bonsai potter specialising in Shohin, Kifu and Chuhin size hand made pots, Stone Monkey Ceramics produce work for the discerning collector and enthusiast alike. Inspired by classic Japanese ceramics I hope to portray a “Zen” like quality in my work with subtle lines and quiet forms. Lending a timeless quality in an assured way, defying fashion and refusing to overtly call for attention.

This pot does not represent one that may be for sale it’s just an example of my work

Kind regards
Andy Pearson (Andrew Prett-Pearson)