Dan Barton of Esoteric pots will be selling his pots at the forth coming Swindon Winter Image Show on Sunday 26th February 2017Dan Barton has been making pots for bonsai for 45 years. Virtually all of his pots are made using the ‘coiling’ technique and no two pots are the same. He mostly works to commission when a special pot is required for your special tree. Dan’s pots show an amazing range of shapes, sizes, colours and innovation and he has pioneered many glaze effects. Although he rarely has any ‘speculative’ pots available, he is hoping to make a few specially for our Swindon Show.

Dan’s wife Cecilia also helps with accent containers and is famous for her beautiful ‘Flying Saucer’ pots. Dan and Cecilia’s pots enjoy world-wide acclamation and can be found as far away as Japan, New Zealand and California, as well as in almost every European country. Dan is always happy to consider further pot commissions and he and Cecilia look forward to meeting you at the Show.

The pot featured here is the 1st pot Dan made this year and was inspired by a programme he watched on NHK tv (Ch. 507) where Iga- yaki demonstrated how he makes his incredible free-form pots with ‘ears’ (handles). These are included purely to enhance the aesthetic and to add balance to the overall design. This is probably Dan’s most innovative and esoteric pot made to date. The pot measures externally: 16″ x 13″ x 5″ (to top of ‘ears/handles’).