To celebrate our 40th Anniversary of Swindon and District Bonsai Society we will be running a series of posts focusing on our club members. We have asked them a series of questions and to start us off, this is Dennis Henley who has been doing bonsai as a hobby since 1990.

Best Large Deciduous Award for his Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) was presented to Dennis Henley of Swindon and District Bonsai Club by John Pitt our Show Sponsor in 2014

Dennis started out with a Chinese Elm as his first ever bonsai back in 1990 and his favourite species of tree for bonsai is also that of the Chinese Elm and he enjoys working on them too. He is not a fan of tropical (indoor) trees though.

He has a mix of both small (shohin) and large bonsai trees including the Juniper featured in the main picture. He likes his trees to look like natural trees and has bought, collected and grown his collection of bonsais over the years.

Best Large Decidious

Best Large Decidious – Dennis Henley

He got into bonsai through a mate from his work and has been a long standing club member of Swindon. He enters his trees into the annual Swindon Winter Image Show and the ramification on his Elms is superb. This year will be no different and you can see his trees on the 26th February.