This year our panel of judges includes Steve McKee, who is our senior judge, so if you have any questions about the judging ask him. John Brocklehurst, Andy Jordan, Mark Kerry, Paul Eslinger, and Bill Baker so in total there will be 6 judges. If we find that the result ends in a draw then Reg Bolton will have the deciding vote. Derek May and Kit Bowns will be running the organisation behind the judging and counting up the results before the award ceremony at 2pm.

Here is a brief run down of the brief for the judges:

There are 7 award categories to be judged by the panel of 6 judges and these include:

  • The award categories for displays are: Best Overall Display and Best Club Display
  • The award categories for an individual tree are: Best Shohin Tree, Best Chuhin Tree, Best Deciduous Tree, Best Evergreen Tree
  • A special award for the Best tree and pot combination

The size limits for the award categories are:

  • Mame – approximately 10cm from soil surface
  • Shohin – approximately 20cm from soil surface
  • Chuhin – approximately 45cm maximum from soil surface (includes Kifu)


  • Set up of the 100 anticipated exhibits should be completed by 09:30
  • Public will be admitted at 10:30
  • All judging to be completed by 11:00 to enable time for collating of results

The judging process, step by step:

  • Each judge will be given a set of result sheets on which to record their votes, and each Judge will personally sign their sheets please.
  • Each judge will have three equal votes to allocate per award category. All of the three votes must be allocated and recorded on the judging sheet.
  • NB Each vote is of equal importance i.e. no first, second or third place vote, so the order in which votes are recorded is irrelevant.
  • Each judge will be given a list of exhibit numbers in each judging category, this will assist the judges in locating the relevant exhibits.
  • Please hand your result sheets to Derek or Kit when completed. They will then aggregate all the votes cast per award and will then list all the winners on a separate results sheet.
  • If the aggregated results indicate a tie between two or more displays/ trees then the overall judge: Reg Bolton will be subsequently asked to select the winner.
  • We hope to display award notification cards and trophies by lunch time with the award ceremony at 2pm.
  • NB The results sheets will be posted in the exhibition for all to see.