Year of show preparations

Well the preparations for the show usually start immediately after the current show has just finished so we started preparing for the 2017 in February 2016 so a year in the making. There is always so much to do when organizing a bonsai show including some of the following like ensuring there are enough tables and we needed 114. Having enough cloths and backdrops for the exhibits and there were 72 screens to cloth. Not then forgetting to work out who can supply any shortfalls and organising transportation to get all the items to the show and back again. Inviting traders, guest exhibitors, clubs, promoting the event and sorting out raffle prizes, the list goes on but it is all worth it in the end.

Then setting out planning where everyone and everything fits in on a plan, getting tree details from all exhibitors to prepare over 100 labels and have label holders right through to creating and laminating signs to go up on the day and so much more.

Club members have the opportunity to review their bonsai trees for display at the show in the months running up to the show and arrange to borrow stands, accents and the like to aid with creating their displays. Some of the more experienced club members are also on hand to provide guidance and tips on preparing trees for the show which is really helpful too. Also it is a chance to review how to transport your trees to the show and some club members come up with some fun methods.

Everyone has their role to play and it with a great team effort that things run smoothly, well with the odd hiccup along the way but then that gives us something to discuss in the post show review.

Pre show set up


The set up went smoothly on the Saturday, and many hands made light work as friends, family and help came from all directions and everything was ready in time for the final show set up starting at 8am on the Sunday morning.

Day of the show

Congratulations to all the Swindon Club Members, Committee, Club supporters, Guests, Traders, John Pitt our Show Sponsor and all other sponsors of awards and raffle prizes, Friends, Family, Sports Centre staff and everyone who helps make the show a success year on year.

It is only with a combined effort of all those involved that the show continues to develop and grow and a special thank you goes to Paul Bowerbank, our Club Chairman for continuing to do a sterling job at the helm of the club.

Also a thank you to Emily from the Grange and all the Sports Centre staff for their help before, during and after the show ensuring everything was available and who were on hand to help out. They also did a great job with providing refreshments throughout the day to everyone.

A final note to thank the School for allowing us to park in their car park as parking is always at a premium at this event it came in really hand again this year to have the additional parking.

More posts to follow on the show shortly and thank you everyone again for all your support and help making it a fun day of bonsai.