Congratulations to Tony Oswin for a very successful and fun bonsai tree sale. It was a great event and one we hope will occur again next year as it was well received by all who attended.

The venue was spot on, with the use of the Village Hall in addition to Tony’s garden, which has taken some considerable time, and investment to create and it was a privilege to be able to spend the day there.

Refreshments were available throughout the day starting with bacon rolls through to jacket potatoes and rounded off with some amazing strawberry butterfly cakes.

There was so much choice that anyone starting out in the hobby would have been able to start a bonsai collection easily. The prices were set for selling so some good bargains were to be had by all.

The diversity of material on sale was excellent from large collected material through to mature established material needing refinement. There was something for everyone at the event.

Not only were there bonsai clubs selling bonsai trees and surplus stock, Gordon Duffett, Chris Thomas and Collete from Southampton Bonsai were selling stock too.

As the event was all day, it also provided ample opportunity to have some good discussions on bonsai techniques and bonsai trees. It was well attended by other bonsai enthusiasts as well as members of the public.

Pictures from the day