2nd place, DB Crab Apple

Dianne’s interest in bonsai started in 1977 when she started with some small trees and planting seeds. She started by planting a Zelkova Elm seed and the tree is still alive today which is great going some 40 years later so she is fairly competent with bonsai. She joined Swindon Bonsai club in 2013 and her first ever bonsai tree and the one she will always remember is a double pink and white flowering peach tree but it sadly got peach leaf curl and died.

Joint 2nd place, DB Korean Hornbeam

She loves maples of all kind and colours but her least favourite are spiky Junipers!!! She likes working on all species and has no particular favourite and is learning from them all. She likes small and large trees and even the odd accent plants. She is trying to create a bonsai of every single style for her collection and is currently working on a Chinese windswept Cherry.

Her collection is a mixture of self grown, and she has also paid for some within her budget but likes the challenge of creating something from a seedling or wild sapling and even growing from seed.

When asked what more would she like to learn she felt that there is always so much to learn and she just needs more time to put it all into practice. Her bonsai creations are personal as she believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholders and sometimes her trees don’t conform but she enjoys looking at them. She likes the creation of a miniature perfectly formed tree and the amazing way it can survive in the tiny pot.

3rd place, DB Hawthorn

Finally I asked Dianne what got her into bonsai and she said her Sister had a small book on bonsai which she still uses and when she saw the pictures she was hooked.