Grant Kinnaird of Bonsai Name Plates has started producing and selling some bonsai tree labels to aid with identification of bonsai trees for your own collection as well as for use at shows. The labels have been well received by the bonsai community and were seen on some trees at the recent Heathrow Show in October.

He aims to continue to add to the current list, formatted with the Botanical name on top with the Common name beneath. All text is Baskerville with no italics. All labels are Silver on Black unless white text is specifically asked for. Below is his current list of trees printed on 75mm x 50mm black card. For those people who feel that they are a little too large, it is a simple matter, using a good pair of sharp scissors to cut them down in size.

No.    Latin Name                                          Common Name

1       Acer palamatum                                 Mountain Maple

2       Carpinus betulus                               European Hornbeam

3       Ulmus parvifolia                                Chinese Elm

4       Crataegus monognna                      Common Hawthorn

5       Crataegus Oxacantha                      Hawthorn Paul’s Scarlet

6       Chaenomeles Japponica                 Japanese Quince

7       Cotoneaster Rosaceae                     Cotoneaster

8       Cotoneaster congestus                    Cotoneaster

9       Larix decidua                                     European Larch

10     Larix kaempferi                                  Japanese Larch

11     Juniperus                                            Juniper

12     Fagus sylvatica                                  European Beech

13     Lonicera nitida                                   Box Honeysuckle

14     Pinus densiflora                                 Japanese Red Pine

15     Pinus nigra                                         Austrian pine

16     Pinus parvifolia                                  White Pine

17     Pinus sylvestris                                  Scots Pine

18     Pinus thunbergii                                 Black Pine

19     Pyracantha                                         Firethorn

20     Quercus robur                                   Common Oak

21     Satsuki azalea                                    Azalea

22     Salix pendula                                     Weeping Willow

23     Taxus baccata                                   English Yew

24     Ulmus parvifolia                                Cork Bark Elm