Year on year it is a pleasure to write up the Swindon Winter Image Show report, as it is always such a fun day and a positive experience at the show and everything about the show.

The people who attend are great, and thank you again to all who came in support of the show and to see great bonsai trees, we were pleased to have around 400 through the door. It was a good chance to catch up with bonsai friends and renew acquaintances and talk about trees.

The dedicated exhibitors and club members are superb who have a passion for trees that is limitless. From those who put on Shohin and Mame displays to Tokanomas as well as club displays, thank you as without you we would not have a show.

The club displays were put on by; Dragon, Eastleigh, Surrey Heath, Bonsai Boys, Bristol, Newbury and Warminster. Plus Phoenix, Ashfield, Aka Matsu and Splinter group and it was great to have you all at the show and sharing some very interestingly themed and well thought out displays.

The standard of bonsai keeps improving and this is in part due to improved knowledge sharing and technical skills being developed year on year through groups, bonsai clubs and societies, workshops and the power of the Internet giving access worldwide to gain knowledge and understanding from everyone.

It was also a tough one for our 6 judges again this year given the range of high-class bonsai trees on display. So thank you for taking the time to consider each display and be our judges for this year Steve McKee, Andy Hardman, Andy Jordan, Ian Warhurst, Bill Baker, Warren Radford and Reg Bolton for adjudicating.

Congratulations to all those who won awards, including Mark and Ritta Cooper, Ian Stewardson, Bonsai Boys, Stewart Beresford, Sally May, Dragon and Graham Walker. Thank you to John Pitt, John Trott, Kit Bowns, Dan Barton and David Jones for creating, donating and sponsoring the awards.

Thank you to our show sponsor John Pitt who has continued to support our show and wow us with his bonsai pot making skills as well as display some of his own bonsai creations.

Great to have so many traders and a few new ones at this years show, including Windybank Bonsai, Walsall Studio Ceramics, Mendip Bonsai Studios, Mark Kennerley, Grant Kinnaird, Suteki and Fine Japanese Suiseki. Plus Stone Monkey, Chris Thomas, Daniel Butler, Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai, Greenwood Bonsai, Gordon Duffett, John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics and Esoteric pots. Thank you all for coming along and supporting the show and providing everyone with a chance to buy some great bonsai trees, pots and sundries.

I also want to thank all those who donated raffle prizes including Erin pots, Lodder bonsai, Simon Haddon of Suteki, David Sampson of Fine Japanese Suiseki, Andy Pearson of Stone Monkey, Grant Kinnaird and Mr and Mrs Holt.

A special thank you to Dawn and Moira for manning the sales table for Swindon and your continued support of the club year on year without fail. Thank you to Sally and Derek for organizing the purchase of the new cloth this year too which worked really well. Thank you to Grange Leisure Centre for allowing us to continue to host our show at your facilities, which were again excellent, and Grange Junior School for the use of the car park for club members.

A final thank you to all of Swindon Club Members, the Committee and all those who came to help with the planning, set up and take down, judging and activities on the day as without your help and dedication the show would not be possible.

Look forward to seeing you all again next year and at the forth coming shows throughout the rest of this year…..