It was great to be able to go to the open weekend again this year at Lodder Bonsai in Harmelen, Netherlands, it is always a full and fun packed weekend with lots of bonsai people, trade stands, bonsai trees and so much more. Thank you to Gerrit Lodder and his team for their hospitality throughout our visit.

Bonsai demonstration by Milan Karpisek (Czech)

Trade stands at the Open Weekend

The traders present had a great range of products to sell and if you wanted intricate pots, superb quality bronzes, accents or bonsai stands to name but a few of the items you could buy them this was the place to be.

Garden trees (Niwaki)

If you have never been to Lodder Bonsai then a great time to visit is during the open weekend, you can buy everything you need for creating an instant garden to finding the perfect bonsai tree for you. They have an impressive selection of garden (nikwai) trees in a wide range of species that would provide instant impact in your garden.

Tropical bonsai

If you are able to provide the right conditions for growing tropical bonsai then give it a go as there is such a wide range of species that you can choose from as well as styles and shapes, you can let your imagination run wild. I find them versatile to shape and style and have enjoyed working with Ficus for the past 10 years or more.

Bonsai trees at Lodder Bonsai bv

The hobby of bonsai is great fun, accessible and very diverse, you can choose to create your own bonsai by growing from seed, cuttings, air layers, fused trunks, yamadori or buy a ready made bonsai in varying stages of development. Whichever route you choose, a visit to Lodder Bonsai will help to provide you with inspiration for your own bonsai. You will see so many tree species used for bonsai, different styles techniques and sizes that it is an excellent opportunity to learn more about bonsai as well as make a few purchases. The open weekend is a great time to do this as there are many other bonsai enthusiasts present to also discuss bonsai with and share ideas.

Mame and shohin bonsai

If you are looking for that little cute bonsai tree then look now further, the range of small bonsai trees is also good at Lodder Bonsai and they are superb miniatures and a must for any bonsai collection.