Thanks to the support of other bonsai enthusiasts, I am now able to explore the endless possibilities offered by clay. It is a material that doesn’t follow the same rules as other three dimensional materials.

Parting with a piece that I’ve obsessed over is strange, but no matter how good a bonsai pot is, it needs to be perfectly paired with the right tree, in order to fulfil its purpose.

I take pride when an enthusiast decides to use my pot to complete the image. It is an honour to be part of when you consider the years of effort that goes into creating a bonsai.

I specialise in unglazed pots, built by hand using coil and slab techniques. No moulds are used, aiming to produce truly one of a kind pieces. I prefer natural tones that emulate the rocks and earth our trees grow from.

Subtle colours prevent the pot from dominating the tree, whilst interesting textures are there to give interest on closer inspection.

I aim to create something with a quiet air of natural beauty that will complement the dignity of an old tree.

Initially I produced round Nanban style pots, suited to bunjin style trees. I believe this form of aesthetic can be applied to other shapes as well.

This gives a much wider suitability for other styles of tree.

Most of my finishes are created with specific species in mind. I’ve recently developed a light oatmeal unglazed finish to work with the smooth texture of privet.  

I look forward to seeing how others will use the colours and textures I create.

I can be contacted, via email, for details of pots currently available.

Commissions can be discussed and are undertaken without obligation.

I am looking forward to showing my work at the Swindon Winter show next February 2019 on Sunday 24th.

I look forward to receiving your comments there.