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A forthcoming exhibition on the 18th August 2019 held at Failand Village Hall, Bristol. Only trees that have originated from British stock will be considered (for example from seed, cuttings, air-layers, division, British yamadori etc). The Bristol Bonsai Society will be offering cash prizes to the value of £100, £50 and £25 for the 3 most liked trees as voted by anyone attending the event. Admission to the event is free but if you’d like to make a donation it would be welcome.

Trading on the Lawn is also free (please let Dan know if you wish to trade) If you have any queries about exactly what this means please call Dan on 01275393010 or send an email (not Messenger) with good photo/s of your tree/s and include the following info:

Your Name

Tree species

Tree origin

Pot origin (pots can be from overseas)

All prospective tree submissions should be in by the end of June (not the 1st June as originally posted). Dan Barton (Exhibition Coordinator)