Swindon Bonsai Club display at the 10th Heathrow Bonsai Show 2019

This year was the 10th Heathrow Bonsai Show and wow what a vibe and great bonsai event and still growing year on year, where everyone is welcome and the atmosphere was alive with bonsai chatter. 

Again a fantastic array of bonsai trees of all shapes, sizes, species and styles to see and enjoy for everyone with so many club displays it was so great to see that the hobby of bonsai is growing and expanding.

The layout this year had also grown with new rooms for traders and a food van for all your refreshment needs.

The show was a real triumph and a definite for anyone who is a fan of bonsai and wanting to meet fellow enthusiasts and  buy, admire and sell anything bonsai related. There was also the new talent competition, demonstrations and so much more throughout the day it was awesome.

Congratulations to everyone who helps to make this show happen each year, especially Mark and MingChen for your tireless energy and passion for bonsai and inclusive approach and warm welcome. A very special thank you to MingChen for creating a hand made ceramic memorial gift of the event for everyone as a keepsake.