With all shows off the agenda for the time being, The UK Bonsai Association has instigated a virtual show to fill the void.

Submissions for the show are currently still open until 20th September 2020 if you wish to enter a tree.

All trees will then be displayed on their website between the 1st and the 10th October 2020. All members are welcome to email their favourite top five trees. All trees are identifiable by individual numbers beginning with the letter A so we would ask members to email their favourite trees in order of preference as follows:
1st = A034
2nd = A014
3rd = A067
4th = A087
5th = A022

Voting finishes on 10th October 2020, allowing time to have the results available for their November bulletin. All members including exhibitors can participate in the voting process. Please see UK Bonsai Association website for full information.