I have often wondered if the trees pictured above could be arranged into a group. I decided to try them in a straight line as if they were the remnants of a very old hedge.

The first thing I did was to cut up a water tray and make a long narrow tray as shown in the pictures above.

I originally set the trees in the composition out equally spaced, which looked wrong because there was no real focal point.

The group measures 28 x 57 cm wide

Above is a picture of the three trees potted in the position that I think suits them the best.

I have made the largest tree the feature point on the left and moved the small tree, that was originally in the middle, towards the tree on the right, this now makes a second feature. I think this takes your eyes to the largest tree first then across to the right hand tree, then back to the middle of the composition so that it holds your attention within it.

I will now have to give some thought to the pot that will suit the composition.

Inspired by nature