The Coleview Community Centre is now open again, so meetings will hopefully start again at 7.30pm on Tuesday the 8th June 2021 in the Towcester Suite [Big Hall]. For the time being it will be workshops until we can compile a new programme to take us up to the AGM next March. Any members with ideas of what you would like to cover during our meetings please let a Committee member know.

There are just a few rules…………..

  1. Masks to be worn entering, leaving and moving around the hall/centre. [can remove when sat]
  2. Work tables will be spread around the hall so as to distance members. Please use a work cloth so the tables don’t get scratched.
  3. Limit the number of people at each table
  4. Use your own hand gel if you wish.
  5. A list of those attending will be kept……… please sign in when you arrive.

This decision may change at short notice depending on the national policy.

Of course we welcome anyone interested in the hobby, so come along and enjoy, you don’t need to become an immediate member. For membership details read this.