Swindon Society at Bonsai World 2011
If you are looking to join Swindon Bonsai Club then here are the details for the cost of the annual subscription and what you get for being a member. It is a great hobby and by becoming a member this is a good way to share knowledge and information by being part of a bonsai club or society.


The annual subscriptions:

Individual Adult £20.00
Couple £30.00

The renewal is on an annual basis and subscriptions are payable in March at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to the Club Treasurer, Graham Stubbs. You can join the club however at anytime throughout the year but the same price applies.

We ask that all existing club members renew their subscription in March or by the following month of April to ensure they continue to remain a member of the Club. Membership covers every club night and function but everyone is welcome even if they can only attend on an occasional basis.

On a small number of occasions e.g. pottery workshops, a small charge is applied to cover some of the event costs and club members will be informed of these at events at the AGM or club nights before these are planned to confirm numbers and attendees.

Swindon Bonsai Society club trees

Swindons Winter Image Show Benefits


  • Attendance at monthly club meetings with no additional fees or charge and this is on the second Tuesday of every month. You can listen to speakers, participate in workshops, enter the tree of the month competition and much more so have a look at our club meetings programme for more details
  • Weekend workshops with no additional fees or charge with on hand advice from Bonsai Professionals like Chris Thomas, John Armitage, Lee Verhorevoort, John Pitt, John Trott and Walsall Studio Ceramics.
  • On hand advice from experienced Club members and support with your bonsai hobby
  • Opportunity to put your trees in our annual Swindon Winter Image Show and aid with the preparation and running of the show
  • Opportunity to show your bonsai trees at other shows where Swindon Bonsai Club is invited to show or put on a display
  • Opportunity to contribute directly to the Swindon Website and write your own articles and publish them
  • Opportunity to be part of the Club Committee and aid with the running of the club and attend the Annual General Meeting and have a vote and give talks and presentations
  • Belonging to a Bonsai Club which has a long history of bonsai and a wealth of experienced members who are happy to share their advice and knowledge with other club members

To become a member

You can become a member by paying the annual subscription by cash in person, or via cheque.

  • Payment via cheque – make cheques payable to Swindon Bonsai Club and send to the Club Treasurer Graham Stubbs and for the address contact us
  • Payment via cash in person at a club night to be paid to the Club Treasurer Graham Stubbs

Club Treasurer Graham Stubbs

Subscription renewals

If you are already a member, thank you and we hope that you will continue to remain a member. Membership renews annually, so don’t forget to renew in March each year and attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for your chance to have your say as we appreciate your feedback.

For any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.