This weekend was the Saturday workshop with Lee Verhorevoort from Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai and this was an ideal opportunity for all club members to get professional advice from Lee and get pruning and style tips and guidance on your own bonsai trees. Lee spent the entire day working around the room on everyone’s bonsai trees. He spent time discussing pruning techniques for the specific species as well as aided with re-styling trees and positioning of wired branches. 

Lee Verhorevoort runs his own bonsai nursery and has many years experience in maintaining, styling and developing bonsai after initially starting out as a hobbyist when he was a teenager. He began his professional career by working at a Bonsai nursery in the UK before heading off to study in Japan where he gained valuable experience of growing and refining bonsai and he still continues to visit Japan to further his knowledge each year.

Today he uses all his vast knowledge and past experiences to aid with teaching the art of bonsai to Bonsai clubs, hobbyists and maintaining collections of bonsai for others. He is excellent at running bonsai workshops as he has a versatile skill set across such a diverse array of tree species that he is able to offered technical advice to all who bring trees along for the workshop.