Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas and New Year and is looking forward to a great bonsai year for 2022. Depending on where you live will of course have determine how you are looking after your bonsai over the winter months. If you are in the South of the UK around the Swindon area, the main focus has been stopping trees becoming water logged as it has been a fairly wet and mild winter, so far.

Snow covered larger evergreen & deciduous bonsai

Winter protection is crucial for your bonsai trees to protect from frosts which may cause stem cracks, bud damage and root damage, from waterlogged soils causing root rot as well as protection from snow that may cause branches to break under the weight of snow if we get any.

Hardy bonsai tree species outside with side protection from wind but still open to elements

The types of winter protection will vary with species, stage of your bonsai development as well as your location as you may have a sheltered garden, or a very exposed garden. Some opt for placing their more sensitive species of bonsai in a cold green house, or even shed if deciduous. For me, the majority of my trees are kept in the same position for the majority of the colder months as they are tropical trees and remain indoors, as they prefer and need the constant warmer temperatures.

Deciduous tree in cold green house protected with bubble wrap

However, this post is to celebrate a new type of bonsai for all those who want to develop a bonsai tree overnight and have a low maintenance schedule for life. The input of your time initially with be around 1- 6 hours depending on your skill level and the on-going work will be very minimal. The cost is relatively low in bonsai terms for a finished tree image, and you can adjust the design as you develop it which is great.

So you ask what secret tree species is this, well it is Lego bonsai and it has been around now for a few years and this year was on trend as many people woke up to a Christmas present of a lego bonsai. However, lego is not the only one out there, there are a few other makes and this post features a Mame version as well.

Official Lego bonsai

Alternative Mame brick bonsai

Comparison for size (Shohin & Mame)

Hope you have a Happy lego bonsai experience and the main maintenance is to repair any branches that get knocked off while cleaning or dusting predominately. There is also a lighting pack for the Lego bonsai if you want to take it to the next level for display and add the additional light. You can also change the seasons by adding and removing the flowers (aka frogs). So a perfect bonsai for anyone looking for an indoor bonsai with a bit of fun and creativity.