Tonight was a very busy club night with everyone working on lots of their own trees, pruning, wiring, styling and also setting air layers. Tony Oswin did a demonstration on air layering which you can read about in a separate post. It was a well attended evening with a good number of trees entered in tree of the month too. Technical discussions were held on air-layering, future development and styling, root development, growing from seed and getting trunk thickness by growing in an allotment. Also on pot protection in the sun using a white ceramic tile to aid with shading pots, use of turntables to rotate trees in the garden to get even crown development and overall health, feeding, watering, and mites in the context of Elms and galls on Oaks.

Pruning and technical discussions

Flowers and foliage

This time of year is always beautiful with many trees and shrubs in flower and the new fresh spring foliage looks great too.

Tree of the month

Thank you to Graham Stubbs who every month sets up, organises and counts up the votes for the bonsai tree of the month and Derek May for taking the photographs of each entry. It was another good set of entries and there is a separate post on the outcome to follow. The voting system is that each club member gets to vote on their top three favourite trees and then the scores are added up, and this month we had joint second and joint third places. Once the votes are in and counted Graham then announces the winning bonsai trees.