English Elm, Ulmus procera

Twickenham Bonsai Club hosted their annual show today at Twickenham School, it was a great event with some beautiful bonsai trees on display from their club members, and everyone was welcoming and very friendly and there was a lively vibe and atmosphere. It is true that being part of a bonsai club is the best way to learn and this young club has a real passion for bonsai. They set about sharing their knowledge and bonsai trees with everyone and this was evident in a very good quality show. Well done to all those who helped behind the scenes and took part in the show and displayed their bonsai trees for us all to see and admire.

It was great to see so many different species of trees today, a good mixture of both broadleaf deciduous, deciduous conifers, tropicals and evergreen trees. The range of sizes and styles was good to aid with inspiring others to perhaps take up the hobby and showing the fun you can have developing and styling your bonsai trees. Each individual bonsai tree is unique and this added to the diversity of the overall show. Furthermore, each club member was able to design their own bonsai staging which helped to bring out the character of their bonsai tree.

Here are pictures of the bonsai trees on display at the club show

Throughout the day the show was busy with lots of people admiring and discussing the bonsai trees on display as well as carefully looking at each tree to cast their votes on their top three favourite trees, this was not only a fun method but also engaged with those visiting the show making everyone part of today.

There were active demonstrations in the middle of the well-lit spacious hall by club members repotting and working on their trees and offering advice and guidance. Also in the front entrance was a selection of trees just for interest, one of which was exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2022 achieving a gold medal. In addition to a club sales table, an excellent raffle with a wide range of prizes to be won and many donated by bonsai traders and club members. Refreshments were available throughout the day as well as further shopping opportunities were provided by Collette’s Bonsai, Springwood Ceramics and the European Bonsai Potter Collective.