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Autumn colour

Autumn is an amazing time of year as the colourful display of the leaves on the trees can be stunning. This process is complex but in short leaves contain Chlorophyll hence appear green, and when this is no longer produced the leaves change colour. The key triggers are light levels, weather and chemical reactions.

Autumn colour @ Heathrow Bonsai Show

Autumn colour at it’s best all in one room at the Heathrow Bonsai Show this weekend just gone and the wonderful array of colours from mainly the broadleaved trees on display was fabulous and here is a select of some of the gorgeous colours that were on show.

Beginners guide to buying a bonsai tree

So you want to keep a bonsai tree, you are not alone in this and may be you have even had one before but it died as is common to hear however it probably wasn’t your fault so here is a simple guide to starting out for the first time or having a second go.

Autumn colour

This year so far has not produced great growing conditions for some species of tree, whilst others have flourished. In particular Korean Hornbeams have not produced the same level of growth as last year.