Autumn is an amazing time of year as the colourful display of the leaves on the trees can be stunning. This process is complex but in short leaves contain Chlorophyll hence appear green, and when this is no longer produced the leaves change colour. The key triggers are light levels, weather and chemical reactions.


The intensity of colours and range is influenced by the weather, and this year given the warm sunny days in the UK with cool dry nights it has helped to induce brilliant autumn colours. It has been noticeable with our bonsai trees this year too with some stunning reds, yellows and oranges this year plus it has been great to have the leaves stay on for longer during the colour changes and they are only starting to drop more recently on some species.


If you haven’t seen any good autumn colour then pop along to your local Arboretum as there are some great natural displays out there for you to see.

There are a few previous posts on autumn colour in general and also the autumn colour at Heathrow Bonsai Show 2015 and at the show in 2014.