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Clubs & Societies at our Winter Show

This year we have 10 visiting bonsai clubs and societies to our Winter Image Show on Sunday 24th February. If you are interested in the art or hobby of bonsai then come along and meet some of the clubs as there is bound to be one near you if you want to join one. Bristol… Read more »

Sho Ryu Kai

During the Lodder BonsaiĀ open weekend we were fortunate enough to spend time admiring the bonsai displays that were created by the bonsai association Sho Ryu Kai and meet Daan Giphart and Jos Corstjens, discussing Mame & Shohin.

Shohin @ Heathrow Bonsai Show

There were some stunning Shohin displays and individual shohin on display at Heathrow Bonsai Show and some of the tree/ pot combinations were superb. Here is a selection of some of the Shohin bonsai trees that were on show.

Mame @ Heathrow Bonsai Show

Even though there were only a few Mame on display and given their small size, they stood out and made an impression particularly the mame display itself on the Eastbourne and Wealdon Bonsai Club display. Here are a few images of the Mame bonsai that were on display.