The Chinese traditional Bonsai Art is that of Lingnan Penjing Bonsai and it enjoys a world wide reputation for its vigorous, elegant and unrestrained style of harmonious composition, as well as its very own special ‘Grow and Clip Method’. This approach is more natural and refined and tasteful and have continued to develop to this day improving the aesthetics of the overall style year on year. Continue reading

If you are wanting to see bonsai this year, then have a look through the list of shows and events this year for the UK where you will see some stunning bonsai on display of all styles, shapes and sizes. There will also be opportunities at most of the events to buy bonsai and bonsai supplies as well as meet bonsai enthusiasts and discuss ideas and answer any queries you may have. The first show in the UK is the Swindon Winter Image Show so we look forward to hopefully seeing you there. Continue reading


Andy Pearson at Stone Monkey Ceramics has a special commemorative pot for Armistice Day 2016, he will be travelling to bonsai shows in 2016 and displaying this pot. He will be selling raffle tickets at £3 each and all monies received will be donated to the Royal British Legion in November 2016. The raffle will be drawn at a bonsai show in the UK around November time, further details will be confirmed.

For details of the shows that he will be attending visit

This is a worthwhile cause to support our current and ex-service men and women and I hope you will all buy plenty of tickets. Continue reading

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Huangshan mountain (黄山) is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of the most stunning places we have had the pleasure to visit in our quest for bonsai inspiration.The weather is a crucial factor in any visit and we had the full range of dense cloud and fog through to brilliant sunshine and rainbows. It was breath taking to be up amongst the clouds from sunrise through to sunset. Continue reading