Mo Fagan

An excellent show as usual. Some lovely trees and accents on show. Lots of lovely, trees, pots and accents to buy.

Awards for bonsai of excellence to:

Malcolm Darbon – Black pine
John Trott – Trident maple
Mark cooper – Chinese elm
Dan Barton – J.Hillier elm
Alan Maggs – Rowan
Ritta Cooper – English elm
Les Croker – Juniper
Martin Shepherd – Juniper
Mo Fagan – Hawthorn
Ron Heywood – English beech
Beryl Thorpe – Stewartia
Mac Sleet – White pine
Terry Adams – Pyracantha
Dave Martin – Cotoneaster

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What a range of bonsai trees on display at the Bonsai World 2015 show this year at the K2 Centre, from all species, to all shapes and sizes and presented in so many different ways with some very inspiring designs of trees, pots and stands. It was hard to spend the time viewing individually all the trees on display, but I tried to get to see most of them and some really stood out and were bonsai trees I admired greatly. Continue reading


Sussex Bonsai Group put on another fabulous 2 day show this year at the wonderful K2 Centre at Crawley in West Sussex this weekend. It was a very well attended event with a good programme of events. The bonsai displays were excellent with a huge collection of bonsai trees on display including a good diversity of traders so you could buy all your bonsai needs at one event. Continue reading