The Tree of the Month Competition is staged at each main club meeting throughout the year with the exception of the AGM and the Christmas Dinner. The objective is to stage a friendly competition between members and to give all members the chance to display trees.Trees are displayed together and anyone attending the meeting is able to vote for the three best trees on display. Votes are counted to decide the first, second and third placed trees. Points are then awarded to the members displaying those trees, and these accumulate throughout the year resulting in an overall winner. Trees displayed, but not placed in the first three, earn a single point.

There are a few rules – any tree achieving first, second or third should not be entered again within the year and trees must have been owned by the member for a year, for instance. There is also a handicap system to give novices some chance against those members who are more experienced.

The Competition is well supported, with usually up to a dozen trees entered, and provides an interesting display to support the main activity of the meeting.

Here are the results for this month and a gallery of the entries.