Ken Leaver of WindyBank Bonsai will have a stand at this years forth coming 10th Anniversary Winter Image Show and he will not disappoint all those looking to expand their bonsai tree collections or even start a collection.

Ken sells a fanastic selection of high quality Japanese Bonsai trees and with a particular specialism for selling high quality Shohin trees. Species include but are not limited to Hornbeam (Carpinus), Trident Maple, Cottoneaster, Japanese Beech (Fagus crenata), Azalea, Maidenhair trees (Ginkgo biloba), Deshojo Maple (Acers), and Beauty Berry (Callicarpa).

He has a fabulous range of trees well worth a visit and we took a trip to visit his bonsai nursery earlier this year and bought some great trees to enhance our collections. We also visited Ken more recently following his return from a trip to Japan sourcing new bonsai trees to reserve a few. So if you want to get ahead of the crowd, then keep an eye on the WindyBank website for photographs of the latest trees he is bringing in for sale, there are some real stunners amongst them so hurry and reserve them to avoid disappointment.

Windybank bonsai raffle 2012 prize: Cork Bark Elm


Windybank bonsai raffle 2012 prize: Cork Bark Elm Windybank bonsai raffle 2012 prize: Cork Bark Elm

Ken has kindly donated a fabulous Cork Bark Elm Bonsai for our raffle and what a prize, a great bonsai tree to add to your collection if you win it in our raffle. Ken will also be one of the three judges at our winter show in February using his wealth of knowledge and experience to carry out the hard task of judging the Bonsai trees on display to select the winners for each class.