't Veerle show 2012

If you like your Azaleas or Pines then you should have been here, there was also an inspiring display on show in the Bonsai museum, ‘t Veerle Bonsai Centre, Belgium. The trees were incredible and coupled with some top quality Koi fish on display this was a great weekend. Rene Lococq had a stand selling some of his eye-catching pots alongside a new talent competition.

I also got to experience two of Japan’s Bonsai Masters in action, Abe Kenichi was demonstrating how to style a Pinus Mugo (Mountain Pine) while Mr Sekiyama worked on a Satsuki Azalea.

‘T Veerle have extensive japanese gardens to enjoy as well as a restaurant, I thoroughly recommend you pay them visit if you are passing. You can find their website here

't Veerle show 2012 Koi Fish
't Veerle show 2012 Rene Lecocq pots

Rene Lecocq pots


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