Newbury and District Bonsai Society hosted a bonsai show at Roots Garden Centre off Priors Court Road near hermitage today and it was a very good event. We exhibited at the show along with other local clubs and societies including Warminster Bonsai Club, New Dawn Bonsai, Chiltern Bonsai Society, Eastleigh Bonsai Society, Wessex Bonsai Society and Solent Bonsai Society. Lee Verhorevoort Bonsai and Dai-ichi Bonsai and Satsuki Centre and David Sampson were selling a range of bonsai goods including trees, pots and stands. John Armitage provided a demonstration throughout the day on a juniper and was available for advice on styling and pruning. Throughout the show area there were various working areas for club members to work on their trees to aid with demonstrating their pruning and styling for others to see and watch. Here is a selection of images from the day and it was an excellent venue with good facilities and food was available all day and delicious.