As it is currently the tree planting season in the UK, I thought I would share some photographs I took during a visit to Japan of trees in domestic gardens to hopefully inspire you to go out and take a closer look at your existing trees in your gardens to see what you can do with them or to plant a tree or two in your own garden.

You do not need to fear the planting of a tree regardless of their mature size as long as you are prepared to engage with the tree and keep it under control, i.e. prune it and there is a lot to be said for right tree, right place but the Japanese seem to have this down to a fine art. Often a great bonsai tree can also be found lurking within a garden so keep an eye out for potential bonsai amongst any neglected shrub beds and stunted trees too as Yamadori is always a good way to start the hobby of bonsai from.

You can learn and develop the skills needed for pruning and training trees or hire in the expertise whichever you prefer and you can then create fabulous Niwaki or topiary depending upon the techniques you use and the end result, but a hint, you will need to be patient.