Lodder Bonsai bv

This is a great time to visit Lodder Bonsai bv and the Hoka-en Bonsai Studio of Gerrit Lodder as the new stock for 2014 has just arrived. It was hand picked by Gerrit, the choice of species & styles is stunning and their are also some new species that are quite unusual too.

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There are bonsai trees for all levels of bonsai enthusiast as well as at competitive prices on both the wholesale and retail front. We were fortunate to spend time at the nursery pursuing all the various options before selecting a collection of great bonsai trees.

Mame trees

Depending on the size of bonsai tree you are looking for you will be sure to find what you want from this extensive range of mame an shohin bonsai, all beautifully displayed.

Mame_Shohin Panoramic of trees_4

They sell both outdoor bonsai, as well as an extensive range of tropical bonsai (indoor) species including Ficus, Crassula, Malpighia, Myrciaria, Podocarpus, Punica, Sageretia, Schefflera, Serissa, Ulmus, Zelkova and Zanthoxylum to name a few.

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They also specialise in Japanese garden trees and have a fabulous range of Niwaki or garden trees in a variety of species including Pinus parviflora, Ilex crenata and Taxus cuspidata in many sizes and shapes and all cloud pruned beautifully, ready to plant in your garden.

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The range of types and species of trees is the largest in Europe and the shear scale and scope is awesome providing you with so much choice for whatever budget you may have from, starter bonsai for a few euros right through to show ready trees.

Panoramic of bonsai

The nursery itself is vast and is climate controlled to ensure that the trees are provided with the ideal growing conditions to keep them healthy. As you walk around the nursery you move between warmer and colder sections depending on which species of trees are being kept in these areas.

Outdoor trees_10

If you are looking for that one off special bonsai tree then you can also find these here, some of the trees are so individual and make such a statement in their own right that you are spoilt for choice.

Outdoor trees_2

The staff at Lodder Bonsai are very friendly and helpful and can provide guidance and advice on the bonsai tree species helping you make the correct choice, if required. They also have an extensive range of bonsai pots and sundries to ensure that you can purchase everything you ever need to care for your bonsai tree.

Lodder new stock arriving

It was amazing to watch the new stock being sorted out in a professional and efficient manner, they take care to ensure that the bonsai trees are well looked after throughout the process of cleaning and re-potting after transportation.

New stock_1

Arrival of new Junipers

New stock_4

So for more details contact Gerrit Lodder at Lodder Bonsai bv / Hoka-en Bonsai Studio as they operate world wide, welcoming enquiries and visitors to the nursery. Trees can be shipped to you as they run an internet website if you are unable to visit.

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