Pyrus pyrifolia 'Nashi'

This one is new for 2014, I have not seen a Pyrus pyrifolia before which is commonly called ‘Nashi’ or the Asian Pear as well as Korean pear, Chinese pear, Japanese pear, Apple pear and Sand pear. The flowers are a symbol of early spring and the tree is commonly found across Asia. The fruits are edible and used for jam making, juices as well as consumed raw.This is a small sized tree with obovate to oblong toothed leaves that are glossy green above and give a rich autumn colour. The fruits are small, rounded like apples but are brown and it is a spring flowering tree and the fruits will ripen if enough sunlight in a late summer. They grow well in a well drained soil with high light levels and tolerate light pruning and require high levels of fertiliser to support the production of fruit.


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