Self styled bonsai is for the majority where the rewards are in creating and designing a bonsai tree in an image that represents to you all that is bonsai but it can take time and patience to create the image you want. This is your opportunity though to showcase your own talent and design and often raw collected material known as Yamadori is used as a starting material as the initial styling is in part done by nature, but that is not the only route. Young whips and saplings can be used, rafts created by burying branches to create linear features of trees plus old hedgerow material all can be used to create successful bonsai trees and it doesn’t have to cost a lot to get started.

So therefore if you want to give it ago, find a suitable tree species and have a go yourself and create your own style and shape which will be unique to you and provide you with years of fun.

Here are a few examples to inspire you to start your own bonsai from the Wessex Bonsai Show Open Competition in May this year.