Mark & Ritta Cooper receiving awards for their Pinus parviflora ‘Kokonoe’ & Shohin display at Noelanders Trophy XVI

Congratulations to Mark and Ritta Cooper for their award winning displays at Noelanders Trophy XVI. In case you missed the opportunity to see their displays, you will have a second chance as they have kindly agreed to display both their Pinus parviflora ‘Kokonoe’ and Shohin display at our Winter Image Show this Sunday, so come along for your chance to see these stunning trees and displays up close.

our kokonoe with nomination IA4A0924

Pinus parviflora ‘Kokonoe’ with nomination at Noelanders Trophy XVI

kokonoe nomination certificate IA4A0965

There were about 125 displays in total. The UK was also very well represented in the large bonsai too. Mark and Ritta were the only British entries to win a nomination prize though with their Kokonoe White Pine that their also exhibited in Taikan-ten in Kyoto a little over two years ago. The judges were Marc Noelanders, Salvatore Liporace, Ryan Neil, and Seok Ju Kim from Korea.

our shohin display with trophy  IA4A0919

Mark and Ritta Cooper’s Award winning Shohin display at Noelanders Trophy XVI

shohin prize certificate IA4A0963

There were about 25 shohin displays, which is the most Mark and Ritta have ever seen at Noelander’s before, and the standard of the displays was the highest they have ever seen before at this event. They won the First Prize for Shohin for their 5 tree display. There were two other nominations for shohin, Bob van Ruitenbeek (Holland) won the first nomination with his six tree (nana-ten) display, and Luigi Maggioni from Italy with another six tree (nana-ten) display. The UK was well represented in the shohin displays, with John Armitage exhibiting two displays, and Andy Jordan with a lovely six tree (nana-ten) display.