Acer buergerianum

Acer buergerianum (Trident Maple or three pronged maple) was present on display at the Bonsai Clubs International exhibition, Guangzhou, China in September 2015 and here are three of the trees of this species that were present featured.

The Trident maple is a beautiful upright Chinese species of maple grows to around 10-13 metres in the wild. It is an excellent species for bonsai or container culture. It is tolerant of drought and air pollution and is widely used as a street tree in Japan.

The leaves are small and three-lobed with rounded or angled bases. They are leathery and shiny mid to dark green upper surfaces and blue-gray undersurfaces. When first emerging, the leaves are bronze-red and in late autumn turn spectacular blends of orange to red to purple. The mature tree has red-brown flaking bark.

At the start of the convention the trees had been defoliated so you could admire the tracery and outline as well as the ramification of the the crown, but after only a few days whilst the trees were on the exhibition the leaves had started to flush. This was amazing to observe and was down to the high humidity and climate of China.