The shohin on display at the BCI convention were excellent and here are some close up images of the individual trees on display. There was a good mix of species, styles and sizes and the overall composition of some of the displays set the trees off to an advantage also.

Just in case you haven’t seen enough as there were certainly lots of Shohin on display, here are a few more, with some great examples of cascades, and some of the movement on these miniature trees is fabulous.

Another element of the shohin trees is often they are shown in brightly coloured or designed pots, so take a closer look as some of the pots as some are exquisite but apologies for some of the images, as it was early morning and you were not able to get too close and I had no zoom lens with me, just a wide angle. Plus some great wooden stands for each of the trees from round root carvings to tall elegant cascade stands.