The Bougainvillea bonsai on display at the Bonsai Clubs International Convention exhibition where out of this world and something else. They have a very distinct presence with some amazing branch work creating a very unique style and appearance.

Bougainvillea glabra (Lesser Bougainvillea) is a decorative evergreem ornamental shrub with very attractive flowers in white, scarlet, pink or lilac in spring and summer. To ensure they flower they need to under go dormancy each winter at a low temperature. In the spring place in warm bright location and increase watering. Water sparingly over winter and they tend to shed leaves in winter if kept too warm or moist. Do not over prune the roots, and repot after flowering. Pruning the crown throughout the year but ideally pre or post flowering but ensure not to remove the shoot tips as they flower from the tips.

This was a greatly admired Bougainvillea, it has such dramatic movement and all in all was a stunning bonsai tree.

The colour of the bark really stood out on this one and showed the true bark characteristics for a mature Bougainville with the light brown smooth texture and graceful branches and a high level of ramification.

Another amazing tree that creates such movement with a windswept look and very solid branch direction and training with the addition of creating a stunning landscape which you could visually get lost in.

A close up look at the branches starting to come back into leaf and the smooth bark.

Enjoyed the roots on this one and slightly more delicate trunk line and form.

Great fun tree this and the moss and pathway to the base of the tree adds a fantastic element to the overall image.

Check out the branch pruning on this one with a very unusual canopy formation with branches starting at right angles and this pattern being used across the whole canopy in a weeping style.