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Huangshan mountain (黄山) is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of the most stunning places we have had the pleasure to visit in our quest for bonsai inspiration.The weather is a crucial factor in any visit and we had the full range of dense cloud and fog through to brilliant sunshine and rainbows. It was breath taking to be up amongst the clouds from sunrise through to sunset.

The whole area is covered in hand carved stone steps with the first 60,000 setting you off up the mountains to spectacular scenic views from amazing cliff edge vantages. However, if you want to spend more time at the top then grab the cable car up the mountain and sit back and enjoy the 360 degree views.


The mountains are named in honor of Huang Di (the Yellow Emperor). You can understand why this area has been the inspiration for Chinese artwork, paintings, photography and poetry when you visit and can see the natural beauty


The Huangshan mountain range comprises of many peaks and some are over 3,250 feet in height (1,000 metres). The main species of Pine clinging to these mountains is namely the Huagshan Pine (Pinus hwangshanensis). However, there is a stunning array of other tree species and this provides an excellent autumn colour array.


If you have time, stay at one of the many hotels on the mountain and this way you get to really immerse yourself in all the mountain delights.


Here are a few images from our stay on the mountain.